Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Getting Things Done

Well, I've found something of a groove. It doesn't necessarily lead me on the most direct route to getting me that job I need in Chicago.

From my research, though, I've begun to see that no one direct route will lead me to getting that job that I want. Unless I want settle for some silly customer service job or something in insurance, I will need to have a portfolio, or at the least, a writing sample or two.

Last night, as I've already said, I spiffed up a writing sample from years ago. It works all right, but I'd like to have some more variety. I'm not really so sure that a band bio will cut it.

I already mentioned that I have volunteered to write copy for a friend's carpentry business Website. He hasn't gotten back to me yet.

Tonight, though, I wrote up a rough draft proposal for this company called ClimateSAVE. It sounds OK for a first draft, but I think it will need some work. It probably came out a little long and could use some tightening up. That I will leave for Thursday, as I need to sleep now.

Too bad it took me something like two hours or so to get into this groove because it has gotten late.

I had trouble getting up this morning because I went to bed late last night. Avoiding that kind of thing would be good.

In other news for me today: my supervisor gave that silly little project given to me on Friday to someone else with less of a workload. Woohoo! I also snapped at my supervisor/mom for teasing me.

Otherwise, not much happening in my world.

Tomorrow, though, a little bit more gift shopping then going to see Aeon Flux.

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