Monday, December 05, 2005

I Need to Find My Groove

Not my groove THANG, but my work groove. Last night, I figured out my problem with productivity has its source there.

My thesis or novel, I can go easily back to it because I've got plenty of momentum and groove on it.

Playing Magic or poker on my computer does give me much of problem creating momentum or groove. They give some relatively instant interaction and gratification.

Christmas shopping and job searching, that's a WHOLE different story! I've got the problem of inertia there. You know, the objects in motion tend to stay in motion while objects without motion resist motion. Well, I'm resisting that motion, but I'm pushing. Oh, am I pushing.

Too bad I'm a big lug.

On the bright side, I put together a writing/press release sample. Thanks to a friend and former colleague who found some old text that we collaborated to make. I spoofed it up a little, as I have improved my writing skills over the years. I feel real good about it.

I've got the beginnings of a portfolio!

I also made a volunteer proposal to write the copy for a carpentar friend's Website just put up.

I also found this energy certificate Website that, to me, has some badly written copy. . .if not grammatically, syntactically and so forth, than in the simple presentation and appeal creation. I want to volunteer my services to them, too.

So does anyone know when a freelancer starts charging?

Now to stop playing poker on the computer (even though I have gotten much better) and start focusing on my job search!

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