Monday, April 22, 2002

Dark rainy day =(

I woke up to a dark, cold Monday morning. My muscles felt sore from playing some acrobatic frisbee (the acrobatics came from my own initiative) yesterday afternoon, the first time I've majorly exerted physically. I also stubbed my left big toe, so th/ aches a bit, too, if I put weight on it or exert it somewhat. Getting ready for work didn't come all th/ badly, actually -- I would call it almost luxurious.

I think the BIG ANNOYING PROBLEM of the morning originated from my luxuriousness. As I turned the corner from one street onto Mass Ave near Porter Station on the Red Line & the commuter rail, I heard the horn of the train toot. I either just missed the train or had a very small amt of time to catch it.

I started running. . .& didn't even see a train. Nor did I see any people waiting for a train. I had totally missed it. I ended up having to wait abt a 1/2-hr for another train, wh/ really sucked b/c of the cold, & I ended up arriving @ work a 1/2-hr late. My parents (bosses) didn't act disappointed, but I'll try not doing it again, anyway. I had sd I would arrive @ 9, & I intend to arrive @ 9!

Then a cpl minutes ago, I smacked my forehead into the refrigerator door.

Oh pity me. . .. No! Don't pity me. Life can get annoying & gloomy sometimes. I have nothing to feel down abt. I can complain all th/ I want b/c I feel all achy & such. In the long run, though, I don't have any reason to feel down. I just like acknowledge the vagaries of life & my body as much as I like to experience them. =)

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