Thursday, April 18, 2002

I've Shown Up to My Own BLOG!

Well I haven't made an appearance here for awhile now. I guess th/ happens when I get busy & have a lot going on in my life. A quick update, for those who don't know the things going on in my life: I've started working for my parents @ their insurance agency this past Tuesday. I no longer work @ the automotive-repair-manual publishing company. This Saturday, I work my last day @ UMASS Boston doing phone interviews for social science surveys. So the remaining transition includes: one more day working @ UMASS & a recovering from a sore left hand th/ I got from repetively slashing discs so th/ no one could use them.

Transitioning only pauses until August, however. I can finally cover my side of the rent & utilities in my spacious expensive apt. in Somerville, & now unless I can find someone compatible w/ me & can also handle all the costs of living here, I'll need to move. Fat chance I'll find someone to move into this place w/ the money th/ goes into living here.

Oh well. I'll just have to live the struggling-artist lifestyle again to save up the money to pay for moving into a new place, look for th/ new place, & possibly find a/some roommate(s). I thought that I might enjoy getting a studio & paying up to $900 but recently, I've re-thought th/ idea a bit. I could cover the costs, but man. . .it'll put me back into th/ struggling-artist lifestyle. I've had enough of th/ life. Unless I find I find a studio or 1-BR apt. (I've got nil or damn close to it chance of the latter part happening) for $700 or less, I'll just have to find myself a/some roommates & an apt into where we could move for not extremely much.

I've thought a little bit abt location, too. I think I could go for somewhere in the area around my current apt. or possibly Brookline, Allston, or Brighton if I could find something affordable. Somewhere not in my immediate would actually suck right away b/c I'd have to do some crazy commuting to get to work all the way in another area code. But once I got a car, I could do some good stuff as long as I lived close enough to Storrow or Memorial Drives. But living down near Porter Sq. or th/ area would work really well b/c it would locate me close to the train th/ takes me to work.

Oh and by the way, if you feel like you could make a good fit w/ me & want to live in the Somerville/Cambridge or Allston/Brighton/Brookline area aft August, don't hesitate to e-mail. I welcome it & look forward to maybe hear from someone.

Well I'll leave things @ this point for now. I've gotten myself pretty exhausted today. Th/'ll probably change in abt an hr aft I finish eating a bunch, but I've really done just abt all I can for now. I'll have to start up habit again writing here. All this transitioning has made me neglectful of my introspective & strangely personally satisfying responsibilities th/ I've given myself. Go figure. . ..

Now it's time to go. G'night!

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