Friday, April 19, 2002

Hectic Friday!

@ 1st glance, it looks like a regular ol' last day of the work week (except maybe for the fact th/ I'm finishing the 1st wk of a new job). This Fri, however, holds much more value in it then I've had the privelege to experience in a long while -- not since high school, at least. I make enough money & have enough time available (both tonight & set aside during the wk to study, write, & do things on the side) to have a social life during the w/end (barring total freedom b/c I have my last day @ UMASS tomorrow! =) ). So I guess I find myself in somewhat of an unfamiliar situation.

Suffice to say I haven't kept up my habits for evaluating & choosing what to do on my Fri nights. & this time around, it becomes all the more complicated b/c I have drives & goals now th/ I didn't or at least didn't know I had something like six yrs ago. I won't go deep into everything abt this decision-making process & so forth, but I feel unsteady @ it. . ..

I wonder how it will all turn out.

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Let me refer back to what I had written abt this topic in the past. . .

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