Saturday, February 23, 2002

The weekend has finally come.

Guess I didn't finish the entry yesterday. Busy me.

I finally figured out the drop down menu thingy so that works now. I didn't learn ABSOLUTELY everything but enough for now. I love learning and making these Webscripts. If I know that something can get done on a Webpage, I just need to do some research on the Web to find out how. It may take some time and in the long run, I like to understand how the scripts work, but this way of approaching things gets things done quicker; and sometimes quick works better than understanding -- even though I do urge understanding and wisdom, especially when it comes to technology leaping so far ahead of us.

Besides, as I continue to script, I'll start associating the different commands to each other and building my understanding of it. A postmodern patchwork learning process, I guess. Gather all this crazy information together then make some sort of organization out of it. I've followed that method most of the time, which has worked fine up until I had to write my thesis, but that's a whole other story.

Wait a sec! I just made another silly association just above. The whole patchwork/association thing. I never totally thought about my problems with my thesis in that way! It doesn't make a humongous difference, but it highlights something on which I will have to work for my personal betterment.

But just to make my layout plans for the future clear to myself, I want to make sure I put in writing that I want to add some buttons around that drop menu above to make navigation a whole lot easier for when this BLOG gets ever bigger.

I would love to write some more, but I have to go wake up my weekend guest. We already had an exciting last night. We went to a club, had some drinks, and danced to all this crazy music. Makes me kind of sad that we had to go to a goth night to hear Depeche Mode or Meat Beat Manifesto spun.

Besides I've gotten hungry & really need to eat more for my health. . . :( So now I go.

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