Sunday, February 24, 2002

Meeting People Like There's No Tomorrow & Partying b/c I Haven't for Awhile

Well I will remember this weekend for a bit. Last night, I met a whole bunch of people. My friend visiting from New Hampshire for the weekend knew one of them from high school, so we went to visit him early in the evening at his college. Pretty cool kid. They spent a good amount of time catching up about old high school people, but we also had some good conversations about music, politics, philosophy, and all that fun kind of serious stuff.

Then we (meaning my friend from New Hampshire, his friend from high school, & myself) went to a party in my neighborhood. The arrangement of finding out about this party works kinda funny, though. I found out about the party from my friend from New Hampshire (Let's call him Mike for the sake of simplicity) who knows someone who knows someone else, and I don't know how much further this chain of knowing people goes. But essentially I had to go through at least two or three levels of people to meet my neighbors, the people who live just down the road. Ah. . .the wonders of city life.

But despite not having meting all my neighbors in a direct way, I know at least 5 groups of people w/in walking distance, I see them enough to make myself feel as if I have some kind of neighborhood around me. I like seeing something familiar every once in awhile because it allows for continuity to some degree. And I like at least some continuity in an aspect or two of my life so as to make sense of it.

A Rambly Digression into a Discontinuous Life

Awhile ago I tried to understand how I got from my position 10 to 15 years to the present when having lived around a quarter of a century, gone through 16 & 1/2 years of schooling, various jobs, various friends & groups of friends, my place in my family, all my accomplishments and failures, etc. etc. If I hadn't essentially just said, "Screw it," & put my energies into the now & focus on my goals & just try to find the lessons of the past, I probably would've had a great big headache from exerting my cranium so hard. Nonetheeless, I think some kind of continuity or at least some kind of ritual celebrating all the different landmarks or changes in my life & made connections b/w the changes would have helped to make a little more sense of things. But oh well, that's life in this modern day, I guess.

. . .So Back to the Party:

We showed up to the party at around midnight. I feared that it would end as I remember back in my college days when I had tried to keep the party going until four or five in the morning, but everyone else would have left by or shortly after midnight. Well this party didn't follow the precedent of my school, the party went on until something like three in the morning. Yay!

I felt a bit awkward at first, not knowing anyone except for my friend who knows someone who knows someone, etc. I got over myself relatively quickly, though, especially w/ the help of my trusty water bottle, wh/ looks like some crazy whisky bottle or something. That caught people's attention. But all in all, nothing exciting happened. Just heard some good music, had a couple OK drinks, saw a bit of the Olympics that had gotten recorded earlier in the day, talked to people about stuff like: TV, the town of Concord, MA, and the northern Middlesex county near the border of New Hampshire, around Nashua. A couple people talked about computers, too. And oh yeah, some guy and I compared the different Bonds; and we also compared James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard as captain of the Enterprise. Kinda funny, the kind of conversations I find at parties, any party. Don't expect anything more out of the experience, but I'd have some fun seeing my neighbors & saying hi to them on the sidewalk.

A Little Bit More About This BLOG's Inspiration & Purpose

Just to get it off my chest, I don't want to fool around too much w/ making buttons & such for navigating just yet. This BLOG hasn't yet reached the size to fiddle around w/ scripting stuff yet. I think things work just fine now, anyway.

Urgh!!!! The Server Timed Out!!!!!

I had a whole bunch of text unsaved, too! Stupid server just frustrated me. I think I'll wrap up w/ something that I just want to throw out there. I have got stuff to do and food to eat, anyway.

My Personal Ad

I have the urge to make a section on this site to put up a personal for myself. I want to date girls & meet people! And I want to use all the resources at my hand to find cool people. So if the following sounds interesting, go and click on that e-mail address up there in the top left corner:

Joy seeking, loving, young man aiming for self realization & looking for the same in a woman. Other issues surely matter, but we can always handle those later.

Good night, World!

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