Monday, February 25, 2002

A Bit Worn

I have the feeling that my body hasn't appreciated this past weekend. I enjoyed the change of pace and all, but I did a lot, including the usual productive stuff that I do, like reading, working on the BLOG, and dealing w/ e-mails and such. Still I woke up a half-hour after I should have left for work then ended up showing 15 min. late w/o a shower or much of a breakfast. Also had the beginnings of a sore throat. Otherwise nothing bad.

Guess I should take it a bit easy for the next cpl of days, or at least the next wk (and BTW, I write a bit in short hand when the writing doesn't get graded, bought, or I care enough to give an amazing impression). Still I think I'll have to do a bit of experimenting and thinking abt getting something more of a social life other than what I've got going now. I have great friends and acquaintences but not enough excitement and spontaneity in my life. I need more of both those things, so I will have to make it happen. It will just take a bit of work.

Caffeine, Speed of Thought, & Socializing

I'm thinking abt putting a little more caffeine in my life, or at least adding to my diet something that will help me think bttr on my toes. Not th/ I think incredibly slow or anything, I just need to get really interested & excited abt the topic at hand to think at a spd I desire.

I don't get much caffeine in first place. At least, caffeine abt wh/ I know. I mostly get it from pieces of chocolate & some chocolate soy milk. In the past I thought I had gotten some from the tea I drink at work, but I saw this graph on the box abt the caffeine in the tea. It didn't look like very much compared to other drinks.

So I'll experiment & see what happens.

Annoyed w/ Personal Ad Services on the 'net

It happened again today! I stumbled onto an ad for a Personal Ad service wh/ had these fields to fill. I thought, "What the hay! What do I have to lose?" So I go through the search, and when I find a girl th/ had struck my interest, I can't let her know that I have the interest to see her deal. If I could, I would sign up for the service, but I've got as much useable cash as I've got free time -- next to none. =(

I think I might get frustrated enough to start a free Personal Ad service. Maybe it won't look or act as sophisticated as other Personal Ad services. Maybe I'll even have to put more work into the site itself than the other services w/o getting the monetary award. But damnit! You know what? Money shouldn't get in the way of people meeting each other and finding real, honest, genuine, authentic amazing mind-numbing love. We live in the 21st-century, people! Let's make love something on wh/ you can't put a price.

I think I'll do it!

Um. . .well. I feel a bit flustered now. More later.

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