Wednesday, February 20, 2002

OK. So I haven't worked much on this here journal since yesterday. I feel a bit joyful that I've actually put it up in somewhat of a presentable form, though. But just wait! I plan on making this Website look nicer & have cooler features. Or at least I'll make it more organized.

I plan on continuing the thought that I had yesterday, but before doing that, I want to observe something quick. I just want to make note of the fact that the story kind of goes in reverse, or at least the thought tracks do. I look at it like reading a book backwards or maybe like a plot device that movies and books use sometimes. That plot device where they show the ending then go back to the beginning or maybe the middle. Narratives can take all types of chronological forms. Whatever fits the fancy of the writer, I guess. Or if they write good, whatever tells the story best or best keeps the attention of the reader.

And if you can't tell yet, I write a bit of fiction narratives, myself.

But anyway, back to what I started yesterday:

So I met Kirk. I've only really hung out with three or four times, but he showed me a bit of his Website the third time. He wanted to show me the part that has a comic drawn of some interesting dream of his. I liked it & thought it a good idea to check out his Website some other day for the hell of it.

It took me about a month and a half to check it out b/c I couldn't, for the life of me, remember the addy to it. So I finally loaded it up and found an online journal. Before I looked at Kirk's, I didn't really get online journals. I found them kind of stupid. Who wants to read someone's online journal? Sounds a little self involved for someone to have an online journal.

Kirk had me hooked, though. He writes some damn interesting stuff, keeps up some good links, and lets the world in on some wrenching drama. I go back there regularly and check out his daily entries. So I thought, "Hey, maybe online journals don't suck that much."

I have to get back to work, though. More later.

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