Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Research, Writing and Cat Attack!!!!

I've lately taken a two week break from reading the weekly and morning free newspapers that I get off the street corners. Part of my motivation comes from information, gossip and event overload. Another motivational aspect comes from getting hooked on the end of the Robotech TV series and novelisations.

As I think about getting back into reading the news and also about the myriads of topics that I want to know about, I've thought about the tensions and synthesis of theory, practice and empirical phenomena and facts. I really don't have much to say about it now, but I think the balance of these elements makes for an interest topic to ruminate upon one day, especially say from a writer's standpoint or somesuch.

If people have any thoughts on the topic, though, feel free to speak up.


Don't know if I mentioned this Website, but it's worthing mentioning again and again and again and AGAIN and AGAIN! It's Kitten War: May the Cutest Kitten Win!!!!!!!

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