Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hyper Time Management


ErinMaru, you still exercising regularly. If not, give it a shot. Might help deal with the caffeine withdrawal. FWIW, I won't stop myself from getting a coffee if I have an appetite for it. I just want to stop myself from depending on it to keep myself alert, since it can actually work against me in the long run.


Still working on figuring out a good schedule for finishing tasks while my brain still works well and I can focus, especially after work. I also want to avoid getting hyperfocused on something and not wanting to stop doing it.

The other day, I read some interesting advice about how to handle the finances. Deal with the long term finances first then deal with the today stuff, including rent and utilities. Essentially, by addressing your finances this way, you'll force yourself into budgeting your short-term expenses better. I, personally, don't find myself needing to take this tactic with my finances. Quicken helps me a lot with budgeting my life better along with setting up a seperate account for setting aside expense funds.

So anyway, I read this advice in terms of motivating yourself to exercise. Think of exercise as a long term financial issue and do it before any other activity. I've already got that down, as I've taken to exercising first thing in the morning after waking up, three times a week. Helps a ton with the energy and focus. I think it has helped to take the edge off the caffeine withdrawal.

I plan on taking a similar tact toward my time management, with a little tweaking, of course. Pretty much, I plan on doing as follows most weekday nights:

+ Long term activity like working on my bachelors project (just about longest term activity I can think of -- once it gets addressed, I'll have to come up with another big project or direction to take my life other than putting together a happy, healthy family).

+ Short term, day to day activity like washing the dishes, emptying the litter box and getting the next day's lunch ready.

+ Medium term, like working on the job search, planning vacations, wedding, etc. etc.

We'll have to see how well this plan works.

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Kasia Kowalchek said...

Hope you and the missus aren't freezing too badly up there! Old man winter decided to come a knockin' a little early this year.

This just goes to prove my theory (though disputed by Michi) that the weather in Chicago is much worse than it is in Boston.