Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Couple Good Links

Finished up another night of hour-long outline writing. Added about four more pages in an hour. A lot of ideas coming together and coalescing, even though I have that feeling of spouting out nonsense.

That feeling would often come to me back in high school (OK, maybe I remember one particular time) when I thought I was bullshitting. I would just say screw it, thinking I didn't know the right answer and just write an essay (no matter long how it got) that worked. The writing would just come out, my hand would keep moving, my mind would just throw it out. . .and I'd often end up with A's. Whoever said that applying yourself couldn't be easy and kind of fun?

I will just have to do some major revising later on.

In the meantime, here's a couple writing links, both provided by members of the Chicago Science Fiction and Fantasy Community, specifically the people who have access to the writing workshop forum.

Outlines and pitches for some of Sean Williams's books: I've never heard of this guy before yesterday. I've only read the first outline (which sounded interesting yet a little like some old ground -- I'm sure the characters come out in the narrative -- at the same time, outlines probably are supposed to be somewhat generic!). Nonetheless, as my parenthetical comment shows, having access to these types of things are invaluable to the writer wet behind the ears.

Apparently, Williams jumped the gun and posted his contributions to a project before a bunch of other writers. They all came up with the idea to post pitches, outlines and possibly other useful samples. I know that I've found tons of useful tips over at Alex Epstein's blog for pitches and marketing narrative, but he writes for TV (in Canada). As useful as his tips are, ones tailored more toward selling the written word to be enjoyed as written word sound more useful to the person who wants to sell that type of thing.

The Chicago Writers Association: This one is probably more of interest for people living in or around Chicago or has some kind of connection to Chicago other than having some kind of connection to me. I'll admit, I haven't really taken the time to explore this one. I'm lame and feel that I should create a product before I spend too much time trying to network, selling the product or, in general, have a more lively writing life. Ah well. . .will have to post this one on the side bar to remember looking at it later.

That's all for me. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the above links, especially the Chicago Writers Association. Having other people do my dirty work is always quite efficient and enjoyable.

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