Saturday, March 08, 2008

Check In

I haven't written in awhile.

A few things have been happening in the world at large that don't affect me directly (you know, politics, world events, crime, the economy). Got much praise and a raise at work. Otherwise, though, not much has changed too much for me these days.

Not much has happened with my novel or project over the last month, either. Little bits here and there but mostly a lot of productive procrastination (learning stuff that may or may not help the project) and more not-so-productive procrastination.

The wife made reservations for masseuses tonight, so that's where I'll be after dinner and before a movie. I also took a hot bath last night, something I haven't done in years and really should have been doing.

I reached the conclusion, yesterday, that I need to take more hot bathes and take part in more stress relief activities, at least, ones that I do intentionally. Over the last couple years, I have taken part in plenty of unintentional stress relief activities that have taken more time that I would have like to take and also stressed out my muscles more than relaxed them. I ended up partially stressed relieved on some level but stressed out on so many other levels, mainly because a lot of time had been taken away from doing important things, like giving the wife attention and working on my novel and bachelors project. And to think. . .I was trying not to do intentional stress relief activities because I thought my project and novel was helping me get away from life and that those activities took me away from the important things I had to do. . ..

Now, though, you should expect to see me, at the very least, taking more hot baths and lying down for more naps. I will not let stress kill me or stop me from doing what's important to me for engaging in life.

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