Monday, February 05, 2007

SNAP! Day Break SNAP!

That last entry, I hit the nail. Not on the head, though. I glanced the head and bent the whole nail. Now the thing has gone in at such an angle that I have to take it out and put in a new one.

Rita and Chad's secret has become important, but we don't know it yet. At the same time, Hopper has made things worse. I've never been so happy about being wrong (about ABC supposedly repeating the second part of the two-hour pilot).

But I've reached a whole other level of infuriation. Hopper has affected Rita the same way he affected his sister and Battle. We also learn that the conspiracy goes even higher than we thought.

And just one more episode, I believe.

How will it end? What's Rita and Chad's secret? Who's on top?

And I've got to wait a week to find out! Argh!

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Mahwash said...

on abc. com in the FAQ of daybreak, it says:
Q: What's the "thing" that's causing Hopper to repeat this day?
A: Not going there.

Any thoughts what its all about?
where is "there"