Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dang You, ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, you cancel Day Break.

Then you take forever to post episodes on the Web because of something about movie rights.

NOW. . .you have the nerve the stall posting the very last episode on time and say it will be premiered sometime during the week. Some people even believe that you won't post it until next Monday because of some obsolete information over at IMDB.

I can understand how you might feel wary about giving us fans a bad product after last week. Yeah, I thought the producers made a dumb choice to show sequences out of order, even though that was a mistake and you corrected it. I didn't go to check out the correction because I understood what happened in the episode. You only disappointed me a little then, and I could forgive you without a thought.

But to put the LAST episode on stall and to break a promise you made. I don't know how easily I can forgive you. It just hurts so much. You have one more chance, though, just one more chance. If you don't show this last episode, "What if it's him," though. . .I just don't know, I just don't know. . ..

I just feel sorry for those looking forward to see Moon Bloodgood as Rita Shelten for one last time.


Nigel said...

I can't believe it either!
Do you think they're trying to work up an audience some how???

The_Lex said...

Have you been reading up about the whole thing at TV.com? They've gotten pretty pissy about it.

They've speculated about the ad revenue getting generated while other people don't think they'll release that last episode until they release DVDs for the show.

Some guy keeps saying that it's stuck in post-production, but he doesn't say where he gets the information. Wonder if he's from ABC.

Me, I'll let other people speculate then watch the episode when I finally get the chance!

The_Lex said...

And crap. . .I forgot to mention the part where ABC.com changed the announcement from the episode getting released "this week" to "next week."

I've stopped crying. . . ;b