Saturday, February 17, 2007

Encapsulating Recent TV Watching

Day Break: They seem to stretching it beyond my expectations, in regards to length and possibilities, but I keep watching. My questions from my long essay on Day Break have mostly been answered. They've added another element, though, which I found somewhat predictable. Nonetheless, I want it to the end so Hopper and company can find some peace. I'd probably keep watching if it continued, though.

Mahwash commented:

on abc. com in the FAQ of daybreak, it says:
Q: What's the "thing" that's causing Hopper to repeat this day?
A: Not going there.

Any thoughts what its all about?
where is "there"

In regards to's answer, I think they won't answer this question (which is actually find with me, I enjoy the writers giving themselves this challenge, working within it and making the story remain interesting and tense), the answer sucks or the show will completely blow our minds when it reveals the metaphysical/scientific mystery.

Personally, I want Chad to have alluded to the answer when Hopper took him hostage. Beyond that, my only thought has to do with the main bad guy behind the whole conspiracy has the power to repeat days but unintentionally brought Hopper and the "crazy" guy with him. My question from there is: what happens if one of them stops their iterations. . .or do they all have to do something together to end the reiterating?

LOST: The last two episodes have blown me away with their strength. Frankly, I think the last episode should have been shown before the hiatus. I think they wanted to save it for February sweeps, which I think really sucks. They could've lost another fan, me, from all the lingering about they did in those first six episodes. Executive manipulations for ratings and such strike me as a bad thing to happen with this show. Just look at what it did to the second season and the first six episodes of the current season. Still, if the 14 remaining episodes of the season constistently stay this strong, I really look forward to them.

Check out these LOST Writing Room Spoofs over at Denis McGrath's Dead Things on Sticks.

Heroes: Parts of last two episodes have bored me. Only the Peter Petrelli and invincible cheerleader have kept my attention. The rest of the cast seems to be hanging about with sparse character development or any advancement in their "quests." The last episode had the possibility of working out well except for two aspects: (A) stripper mom has annoyed me from the beginning (even if the multiple personality aspect had potential -- the good personality just annoys me) and (B) kid admits he steals money from ATMs at the end of one episode but faces no consequences from his dad who wants to go clean? And no presentation the moral quandry for the dad?

That whole aspect reminds me of the whole Dawn kleptomania arc on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. At a sing-a-long for the musical episode I attended recently, one of the games was to yell at Dawn to shut up because she's so annoying. Please, writers of Heroes, don't make the little kid annoying. He has some interesting potential.

Knights of Prosperity: I know why I started watching this show, but I'm not sure why I kept watching after the first episode. It really has a different feel from most TV out there, especially half-hour sitcoms. The original concept of pulling a burglary heist on Mick Jagger had a lot to do with it, I believe, but now that the show has supposedly pushed that angle aside, I'll still keep watching.

Knights of Prosperity warms my heart with the Robin Hood aspect. Yeah, yeah, I know: these folks have a lot more selfishness than Robin Hood, but the class and community consciousness aspect of the show really grabs my the attention of my heart. So many times, the gang has had the opportunity to accomplish their goal, but they've chosen to do the "right thing" when it comes to their fellow knights or for the hard working class "good guys." They'll try robbing Mick Jagger and break the law, but when it comes to the Knights or to other people in a similar situation as them, their leader will do the right thing for them rather than screw them over. This show has soul.

But it also has some great moments of situational comedy from the other characters and their juxtaposition with the head of the Knights. And even though I have a hard time understanding her, I enjoy the sight of Sofia Vergara. That doesn't hurt.


Jeremy Roby said...

My rule of thumb when it comes to TV (and I should know with all my sundry experiences behind the scenes) is that you have to take the good with the bad, and the really, really bad. That's how it goes in a medium that literally involves hundreds of people working on one production. If you want real, solid, and consistent storytelling, you should just read a book.

The_Lex said...

True about TV writing, especially when it comes to an ensemble cast.

Something I forgot to mention: I find myself doing something similar in my novel. Thankfully, I'm only on the first draft, but I feel like I'm writing some time-filling sections. Thankfully, I've found a solution for one point-of-view, but I'm not sure if the current space fill I'm writing does provide some useful detail or if it really is just filler.

At least I'm just working on the first draft. Plenty of drafts to fix it. . .if only I had the time to reach the revision point. I'll face a new, if somewhat exruciating point there.