Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ego Intact

In case you're wondering, the critiquing at the writing workshop didn't go so bad. I mostly received a confirmation of my own critiques on small things, small bits of responses I didn't expect about communicating information to the audience (starting to become useful in ways I didn't originally expect) and data about issues I wanted addressed. To some degree, though, as much as I enjoyed the people, I almost feel as if I miss the ego bashing. . .I hope no one held back because they didn't want to hurt my feelings.

Either which way, the meeting has proven constructive. My mind has churned since then about the story and the responses received. Wrote for ten minutes on a new scene last night. This morning, have come up with a possibly more compelling way to present the story (thanks, wcdixon!).

By the by, ABC continues to disappoint me by not posting the new Day Break episode.

And last night, Heroes (watched Monday's episode on TiVo) won back my attention with a generally fast paced episode that better challenges some of the characters and puts some things on the line. Even Internet Girl comes off pretty good, which I doubted (thinking her power was kind of dumb and a little overdone these days). Can't wait to see things get revealed next episode!

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