Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Something that Would Kick the World's Ass

Imagine if all the people that write fanfiction wrote TV or movie specs. And, if possible, wrote some kind of spec for a franchise series of novels. If that happened, the world would rock so much more, and I bet some great talent would break out.

Seriously, as some who always wanted to become a professional writer, I just couldn't understand fanfiction and all the skiffy activities. With age, though, I can see that these activities can help develop some interesting and possible talents. Now if they developed and shared these skills, I can see potential for interesting change and innovation. Everyone has their own view on the world.

And I say bullcrap to people that think it would lose its fun if it became a job. If you love it that much, you will bathe in the amount of time you have to do something you love.

But alas, there's plenty of people out there who, not knowing enough about the world or themselves, think that equating work with anything means boring. . .or that hobbies don't come with frustration and tediousness. Come on, realize who you are, stop letting those kinds of cliches get you down! Or if you don't have an inkling, try looking harder!

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