Monday, January 22, 2007

Radical Muslims Hate Atheists, Secularists and Pagans, not Christians

at least, not real Christians.

Not a clash of religions

This article strikes me as one of the best analyses of the situation. Nothing like the unending, clawing spread of market capitalism to piss off people. . .especially when done without the consideration of the people it affects.


Jeremy said...

This argument sounds good on paper, but doesn't really tell the whole story. Plus, I don't think I'd agree with the conclusions that it naturally would flow from it, such as... a theocratic state here in America that would basically throw our culture back to the dark ages (except, this time with mobile phones).

The_Lex said...

Tell the truth, I agree with you about the article not telling the whole story. Unfortunately, I didn't fully think about the historical side of things until after posting the link.

Nonetheless, I did think the writer referred more to the fascist empire-building colonial facet of US policy, even though I'm sure Christianity taking on the technology of Shock & Awe bombing doesn't make radical muslims happy, either.

The article could have gotten more interesting if it explored the line at which radical Muslims consider a religion unworthy.

All in all, though, it's all a very complicated affair that probably has an interesting mix of religion and nationalism (after all, Hussein referred to someone in an enemy sect as Persian rather than Sunni/Shi'ite [can't keep who's on whose side these days], when he was a secular tyrant). Then the US comes in without necessarily having permission of "the people" to spread "democracy" (more like fascist corporatism).

But yeah, by bringing up the possibility of the US becoming a theocratic state, you provoke some thought. In some ways, we find our country fighting a similar ideological war. . .except I find the loud Christians to be ones with some degree of power and like "secular" technology on some level. Nonetheless, it's all rather complicated. . .how do we find some kind of way for seculars and religious people to get along. . .when, in large part, the loud religious people pretty much react against the intense pace of modernism.

Hell, I complain about he intense pace of modernism. I feel like it destroys the support networks and support relationships. At the same time, as I said before, the old support networks and relationships weren't very good, depending on the "oppression" of non-whites and non-males without providing support for those who supported the white males.

Ugh. Transitional times. . ..