Thursday, January 18, 2007

Screw It

You won't find a thoughtful entry tonight.

I'd really like to write one, but I'm tired. Writing for ten minutes and doing a little reading before bed just strike me as more important right now.

That's the annoying thing about having a full time job and tons of non-writing stuff to do before I can get to writing. 5 or 6 months of financial statements to file. An insurance license to study for. A full time job. . .

As a friend likes me to say, ugh.

And oh, right. Twenty minutes of meditation that I started donig again. Thanks for inspiring me Young Adult Circle Worship at 2U. Just what I needed, something good, relaxing and doesn't take much effort, even if it takes time. And darnit, it relaxes me too much. . .I can't work myself into a fury doing all types of tasks at night until 1 AM. I will probably meet plenty of benefits, but darnit! It makes me feel lazy.

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