Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm Older than Characters on Sitcoms

Oh man, I just feel icky when I realize that characters on a sitcom not in syndication are younger than me. They're just a year or two, but it feels really frustrating and disillusioning for some reason. . .especially when the main character and a couple of the other characters are living their career, or at least don't have a lack of degree getting in their way.

As I said at the end of an e-mail the other day, I have to realize my full potential!

BTW, that sitcom is My Boys.

After this week's episode, too, I have to wonder about the merit and popularity of all the Chicago-centric references. It's certainly something I don't see every day, and I don't know if I'd care for it if I didn't live in Chicago.


Jeremy Roby said...

Sitcoms are not really the place to find a truthful reflection of reality. When was the last time you saw someone struggling through the day-to-day BS that we're all so familiar with on any show on TV? I guess it's just not good enough drama.

The_Lex said...

I'll admit that the recent spate of sitcoms maybe a little more romanticized and glamorized than the lives of most people turning 30.

My high school, college and just post-college lives, however, could have fit some Lifetime specials or a Beverly Hills 90210 set in New England or something, though. Without having real life worries but having the teenage angst and moodiness, real life fitted TV a little more back then.