Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Getting Past My Bedtime

It's kinda late on Wednesday, August 2. I've had some difficulty over the last month or so, ever since the wedding, organizing my mind and getting inspired to do important things, like work on my project, write thank you cards to wedding guests and gift givers and other little things. I've got plenty of filing to do at home that I used to stay on top of before.

I think I need an intern. Anyone want to be my intern and learn what it's like to be an aspiring writer?

Work certainly has been taking a lot of my attention and focus, for good and bad. Maybe someday I'll write something of a tell all expose when I finally make it as an author.

I wrote something like a page and a half tonight. Hopefully I can get my ass into gear to do more. This aspiring writer while working at insurance gig has been getting old. . .and causing me to doubt this fate that I want to fulfill.


Sheesh. . .I've even been seeing a lot of movies lately, like Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Stardust and this weekend, going to see Bourne Ultimatum.

Also can't forget having seen Double Indemnity in Grant Park a couple weeks ago. That certainly was an experience, even though, as an insurance professional in life insurance, I could see the holes in the protagonist's plot. Did he really think he was THAT clever? I don't.

But sadly, I don't really have the focus or inspiration to write any reviews.

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