Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Competent than the Comcast Trained

And yes, I changed the title.

If the Comcast digital cable and Internet in this apartment works correctly tomorrow night, I will know that I'm just as qualified (if not possibly moreso) than the techs and service at that company. If I have Comcast service tomorrow, that means I had inconsistent service since Thursday, after the big storm with winds up to 73 mph, because the winds somehow messed up the connection of two wires right outside my bedroom window that weren't screwed tightly enough.

And the reason the tech who came out on Sunday didn't address the real problem: I can only suspect that he didn't want to make his customers do difficult labor, like taking an air conditioner out of the window. . .after they groaned and moaned. And yes, the service worked right before he had to do it and maybe he did some tests. But seriously, honestly, sometimes people, customer service and technical support people have to make customers do difficult things (and waiting for four hours for them to show up in the first place doesn't count).

Hopefully CSRs and techies can realize that sometimes they do have to make inconvenient things happen. . .then get the customer to appreciate it. Now, after having fixed a very simple small problem that Comcast went and made extremely difficult because they can't think in simple terms (like something needs to be screwed tighter outside the window or that the cable modem and router have to be put on opposite sides of a room to work THEN blame it on "technology" and "3rd party technology introduced to the network") and just make things work.

They make me angry sometimes when they could make me so happy. . ..

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