Saturday, March 04, 2017

Project and Politics/Social Justice Update: A Grindy Week with Some Progress

Fiction writing involved grinding away at revising. Per usual, the focus remains on adjusting formatting for texting/computer spots to make them more distinct from real time narrative and switching the names and pronouns of a character that I’ve switched some characteristics. They haven’t made their actual entrance to the story, so these changes don’t require extensive adjustment yet.

While reviewing, though, finding some spots that have required a little more extensive editing. An edit from a couple weeks ago when I introduced a second “secret” mobile phone had a bit to with it this time. It reminds me of when I first started this particular scene when I spent many sessions having to think and re-think over a scene where one of the characters makes a sneaky raid approach on temporary fortress. DETAILS!

Please note disclosure of this part doesn’t spoil much. The novel starts with that scene, and I hope the narrative makes it clear that the character plans to make the sneaky raid very soon.

I didn’t do as much of the editing as I would have liked because of late hours at the office leading to difficult awakenings in the morning. For other “reasons”, I didn’t get much chance to outline the academic essays, either. Interesting craft break through, though. Don’t pack details into the introduction of essays. They prove more useful for building up the middle and providing transitions in the essay. It doesn’t solve all the macro transition issues, but it helps.


Nothing sticks out to me this week. More complacency on my part with ruminations about how to feel more comfortable about wading my feet into the pool while the day-to-day beats me down and feeling intimidated by action. With that in mind, I’ll jump into my week in Tweet and Re-Tweetss:

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