Sunday, August 03, 2014

Help Launch Uncanny: A Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy

My wife, Michi Trota, is Managing Editor of the new, just announced yet-to-be-published, Uncanny Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine. They tapped her the for the position a couple months ago.

This project excites both of us a lot. Uncanny not only provides Michi a great opportunity. It will also contribute quality stories, poetry and critical analysis and reflection on science fiction, fantasy and nerd and geek culture to the community. A worthwhile project indeed!

Michi will work with some amazing people on the magazine's staff, too. Lynne M Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas, the publishers and editors-in-chief, both have many publications and projects under their belts. In addition, they have both received award nominations and actual awards. These two have experience and know their stuff!

I could probably write a ton more. Honestly, though, I'd just be recapping their tweets, website and Kickstarter campaign. I've had my nose to the grindstone with work and my own projects so much that I haven't had the opportunity to learn much more to provide further insight.

All the above said, I urge everyone reading this entry to visit the Kickstarter campaign page for Uncanny and contribute toward their goal. Uncanny will provide much contribution, insight and thoughtfulness for the Science Fiction/Fantasy and nerd/geek communities. We never can have enough.

The Kickstarter campaign has done pretty well since it started Tuesday. As of this writing, they broke the $18,000 mark with a goal of $26,000. Every little bit will help. They also have some fun rewards for contributors, like
  • A first year's subscription at $25
  • Having a SFF writer/personality review a move/TV show/book of your choice for $100
  • Signed art for $150
  • Manuscript critiques for $200
  • Dinners with editors and authors for $250
  • Guaranteed entry into a workshop with Mary Robinette Kowal for $250 (her workshops usually fill up within minutes)
  • . . .And more!
All these fringe benefits make for great reasons to support Uncanny. The best reason, though: a great product for release to the public that will provide hours of entertainment and food for thought.

Go now and provide support!


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