Monday, June 11, 2007

Office on a Budget

Ever since moving to Chicago and setting up my home office in the room between our foyer and galley kitchen, I've had problems with having enough space. Whether it comes down to just placing a random object somewhere to get it out of my hands, have a piece of paper easily available to transcribe from or simply somewhere to put a pen to paper, I simply haven't had a convenient place to put anything (at least not at eye level and not where the cats like to perch).

So imagine how elated I was when the fiancee said something like "Why don't you just use one of the TV trays?" Admittedly, she said that in response to a complaint I made about not having anywhere to put a bowl or plate while working at the computer. I have used my lap or any small available space amongst all the clutter that you see in the picture. Unfortunately, when eating food this way, I more than likely would spill something on my lap, my shirt or the floor. Having tomato on a shirt really doesn't smack of fun.

This idea doesn't work amazingly just for food, either. I've mentioned plenty of good uses for it in the first paragraph, liking using it to write on, to put more clutter on, to put reference material on, to lean on, so many things to put on the thing!

Two other aspects make this arrangement the coup-d'etat: the low cost and the spatial convenience. OK, maybe I don't know how much we spent on the tray but since we had it already, it feels inexpensive to me. Combine the serendipitous cost savings of this product as compared to more specialized products of this kind with its versatility and ease of movement, and this piece of furniture provides so much more value than that product just for the office. You can switch which side of the chair you want it on for writing ease, transcribing comfort and variety and whatever other uses you may have for it. On top of that, you can take it into the other room to eat food on it while watching TV or to do work somewhere you may not usually, including outside.

Something like this probably doesn't fit in with the rest of the office or the random location in your home, but the ease of movement provides some of the best value in this situation. You can just fold it up and put it away. Its design won't clash with the rest of the room, so you don't fear the judgment of any guests. Neither will it take up valuable space, so you can move around freely, getting some exercise, practice those dance steps or do some project on the floor. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. This aspect will also most certainly work to the advantage of people who live in tight living spaces like a studio apartment or even their bedroom.

For those looking for more workspace or workspace that you can move around the home but are on a financial or spatial budget, this TV tray will work really well for you. This idea could also make for a great modular aesthetic to your home. Maybe you like change, don't necessarily feel comfortable settling down with a furniture arrangement or simply do a variety of things in your home or maybe your studio/office outside the home. The easily movable TV tray could make for a great beginning to the interior design of your imagination. Just think of the possibilities.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

yer still using that monitor from 1995 i see

get a thin flat panel -- there already saved you space

The_Lex said...

That would certainly make a good wedding present. You cluing me in on the gift your giving me?

Otherwise, that doesn't fit the budget, and this is an "Office on a Budget."

Shaw Israel Izikson said...

the only gift I can afford is.........A SONG

Kasia said...

this blog entry certifies that you are a writer through and through! only a writer could write an essay-length piece about a common household item like, for example, a tv tray *chuckles* ;)