Monday, November 06, 2006

The Little Things Count


About 1 hour to reading Romans in the Bible to address a question a friend of mine posed about religous Christians and their views on homosexuality.

Approximately 1 hour figuring out that, since we got the new TiVo about two weeks ago or so, I accidently unplugged the subwoofer. . .and that's why the sound sucked with my stereo.

Imagine what I could've done if I didn't have those two uaeful and/or interesting things distracting me.

I guess Charlie Jade said it right: time is our most valuable commodity, not diamonds, jewels, money or oil. Time.

Think about that.


And somehow. . .I belted out 2 written pages in 90 minutes and feel good today, the day after. Pretty good for me, especially since my 2 pages written can often turn into 3 pages typed.

Unfortunately, I've started fearing the editing process I start once this draft gets done. The thing will most likely have to get pared down, get edited for effect, get rid of useless parts, fixed up the language, fixed up for continuity between not just chapters but also between perspectives that view the same thing and possible revisions of actual events to improve the story.

Is there an Anglo version of oi vey?

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