Friday, November 10, 2006


An e-mail I sent my parents and a mentor back in New England:

Well, I can't avoid it, my conscience won't let me.

I no longer have a temporary assignment at Fannie Mae. Even though my co-workers and the associates with whom I worked closest liked and constantly heaped me with praise, the decision makers had hired someone to permanently work the position I had. They decided to do so, despite the fact that I had submitted a resume a month ago and demonstrated consistently my proficiency for the job.

It makes me a little angry that they didn't take into account my demonstrated ability to accomplish and excel at my responsibilities and then had [someone] basically kick me out of the building without any ability to negotiate changing my computer/network password before leaving. . .despite never having done anything wrong and building good relationships with people there Not a big deal, though. Such is life with a big corporate bureaucracy.

My situation doesn't worry me too much. I already have 2 one-day temp assignments for next week. In my free time, I'll continue on the project I discontinued when I got the assignment at Fannie Mae: networking with local insurance agencies to see if they need any CSRs focused more on service than sales. Also, I'll do an aggressive job search in the insurance business and other industries.

Maybe I'm a little annoyed at myself for becoming complacent while working Fannie Mae, but I believe something good will turn up for me. What mom said about losing that apartment before leaving for Chicago sticks me: "Sometimes, these things happen for a reason," and we ended up with a much better apartment. Things may not look completely bright and happy right now, but I've got hope for the future.

Hope all is well with you folks.

- Jesse

I guess I can now buy those Freddie Mac that I've been meaning to get.

That was a joke. . . or was it?

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