Monday, November 13, 2017

A Lexdate and Some Twittervism

Good evening, folks! No substantial update other than the slush reading has ended. . .for now. I still have some work to do for the day job CE credits. I've read everything that needs reading, just have to finish up the exam. I plan to answer the questions in the book during the mornings this week then do the online exam over the weekend. I'll come back in full force afterward.

Working on these credits really only takes away twenty minutes to a half hour on weekday mornings from writing. Those small periods of time add up, though, so I've missed out on a bit of writing accumulation. This weekend especially made me miss the frequent writing. Sunday morning, I wrote a scene that had emotions welling up and had me close to tears. Damn my allergies to my own writing.

In other news: The Wife and I have signed a lease on the apartment down one floor and across the hall. It provides a little more space (including a pantry and especially in the kitchen), some nice quality hard-vinyl floors that we thought were laminate, and upgraded appliances, including a dishwasher, which we currently do not have. Plus, since a new building had gone up right next to ours destroying the amazing view that we had, we'll get a better view.

We get the keys on the Friday after Thanksgiving and have about a week to move. Exciting but also a bit anxious about the whole thing.

I enjoyed "free reading" today instead of reading the slush. The fact that reading something nonfiction as relief reading discomforts me a little, but I'll take what I get. The same goes for jumping back into my RSS feed, which includes my Twitter feed interspersed with blog entries and news articles.

Give me a little time to ingest some material and inspiration and to generate some rage and other emotions, then I should get back into the rhythm of things again. I still owe you a little bit more about my campaigning for Pawar, at least the contemplation I've done on it. The ideas for the entry won't change that much but coming out the tail end provides some perspective. Plus I want to somehow get back into the fray again, though entering the hibernating winter season with who knows how cold the weather will get here in Chicago, I might find myself contemplating more than engaging in affecting change.

In the meantime, check out some Twittervism:

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