Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Lexdate: This Week - Not Much Research, Plenty of Snark


I haven't accomplished much in the last couple weeks for the project. I've done a lot of reading and deliberation over some topics but not satisfyingly advancing in the matter. Not much to report.

I probably won't have much to report over the next couple weeks, either. Every two years I have to get enough Continuing Education credits to renew my insurance license in Illinois. I use the tactic to try getting half my credits in the first summer after renewal and the second half during the second summer. There are some exceptions when I can get most of them at once or I switch the season when I get them. I like to at least have down a plan of how many credits I want to get when.

I might just get all but a few credits over the next couple weeks. Those last few credits must be in-class ethics credits, which I plan to take the first chance for a free ethics class. For whatever reason, property disaster recovery companies host free ones frequently. They probably do it for marketing purposes, hoping that an agent will refer them to clients that need them. At the very least, they hope an agent will put them on a list since it might be unethical for an agent to refer just one disaster recovery company.

Companies that provide all types of courses -- online, take home, live class, etc. -- send a lot of promotional materials to agents when it comes to license renewal time. I already had enough credits for this renewal, so I figure I'll give it a shot to address my own schedule of summer credits for the new two-year term. We'll see how it goes.

That being said, I'll probably focus a lot of attention on that for the next week or two. I plan to do it, get it done, then move on with my life. I probably won't provide that many project updates because I don't expect to make TOO MUCH progress on it while doing this continuing education stuff. If I make any useful progress, though, I'll try to post it.


My Twitter posts on the other hand. . .I've gotten a little hot over the last couple weeks for reason I'm pretty sure my readers would understand. Without further ado (which I think might be becoming a catch phrase for me):

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