Saturday, March 09, 2013

The_Wife's 2013 C2E2 Panel: Exorcising the Spectre of the Fake Geek Girl

I've slacked enough through the dreary February. The last couple of weeks I've been too sick and worn down to much of anything.

It has come time to announce my wife's, Michi Trota, panel at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) this year. Last year, it was the Geek Girl and the Artist. It gave us all a pleasant surprise. A bunch of people came in to give their attention and take in some interesting observations. Who knew that young girls and women loved Captain Kirk so much because he went out and DID STUFF (and I don't mean had sex with things, he made things happen). I know I didn't.

For the last panel of the first night of the con, we expected most people to have left the convention for some partying or get some sleep. They had two more whole days to hit the convention floor and sit in on other panels. But no, enough people showed up and stayed to keep the panel going for a half hour past the scheduled end time. The conversation got so organic and fun that, unfortunately, the girls didn't have enough time to field questions from the audience. Oh well, the audience had a good time.

I'm proud to say that Michi will be doing another this year at C2E2. Unfortunately, it occurs on the other end of the convention schedule. The other end, as in, the middle of the last day, on Sunday. Not necessarily the most ideal time. The three times I've gone to C2E2, I haven't gone on a Sunday. Friday day or evening then all day Saturday had just pooped me out too out. Nothing on Sunday really caught my eye, though.

You'll see me at C2E2 on Sunday this year. At least you'll see me at Michi's panel. The first sentence of the panel's description:

This moderated panel will demystify the spectre of the "fake geek girl" that's been haunting geek culture.
You can read the rest of the description and get time/location at the C2E2 Website.

As they did last year, The Chicago Nerd Social Club has provided sponsorship for her panel. You should check them out if you live in Chicago. It's a good crowd, and they have plenty of ideas for things to do. They welcome ideas for other things to do, too!

If you're up on the whole podcasting thing (I've gotten big into listening to them a lot lately these days, myself): a reliable source told me that the guys from Loot the Room will record an interview with her soon. Keep your eyes for it!

And I'm hoping to get into the groove of posting regularly again, like back in January. I'll try not to let work, ironing, laundry and getting sick get in the way. I'll try my best!



planethalia said...

What were the names of all the panelists last year? I had written them down because I wanted to pay attention to them, and read blogs/twitters/books; but I lost the list.

The_Lex said...

Here's the link to the public Facebook page for last year's panel, The Geek Girl and the Artist: It lists the panelists.

And for a couple of their benefits, here's links to their artistic endeavors:

Mary Ann Mohanraj:

Dawn Xiana Moon:

Jen Dollface: