Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Wife's C2E2 Panel: The Geek Girl and the Artist

The wife has become something of a gender geek activist. She has witnessed and heard plenty of frustrations regarding the under representation of female voices in

  • Sciences
  • Tech industry
  • Geek/nerd culture
  • Entertainment
The above list is not all inclusive.

She has decided to dip her toe into the arena by putting together a panel at C2E2: The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, called The Geek Girl and the Artist.

A quote from the Facebook event page to whet your whistle:

Topics addressed by this panel will include (but not be limited to): how geek culture shaped the panelists interests/focuses as artists; how geek culture shaped their identities as women; how the panelists view gender norms as playing a part in geek culture and vice versa; how to take niche geek interests and use it to inform artistic expression and professional pursuits; what are negative/positive aspects the panelists have experienced within geek culture and how they relate to their identities as both women and artists/communicators.
Oh yeah, she was guest on Loot the Room podcast to promote the panel.

It should turn out be interesting!

LINKS OF INTEREST: C2E2: The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, The Geek Girl and the Artist, Facebook event page, Loot the Room Podcast

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