Sunday, April 10, 2011

Writer with Obsessive-Compulsive Tendencies Productively Procrastinating

Lately I've found myself getting more in touch with my Type A personality by productively procrastinating to the nth power.

  • Dishes need to get done
  • Keep my organization technology all in sync
  • Keep in touch with all my social contacts
  • Scan tons of documents then shred them to make room in apartment
  • Keep dishes washed to keep counter clean
  • Put clutter away
  • Provide tabletop gaming friends with information to cut down on time at sessions rehashing what's happened before
  • Go through e-mails to keep in touch with people, delete a bunch, stay on top of stuff going on in the world
  • Cut down on tasks, programs and e-mails that demand CPU resources needed to index information and e-mails
  • Keep up with social networking streams to stay up to date with people and news in the world
  • Read free newspapers to keep with the world and help prevent world from falling into chaos
  • Write in blog to market self for when I finally have something to publish, people will want to read it and to keep self relevant
  • Put together some type of tabletop gaming organization because I can sense the need for Chicago gamers to build that kind of community (and yeah, it'd be cool for it to reach the level of receiving compensation for it. . .to be compensated for something I can get excited about is a dream of mine)
  • Stay in touch with people
  • Keep up with movies and TV
  • Keep food stocked but not overstocked
  • Laundry
  • Career development
  • Work on bachelors project (tragic that this item added during an edit instead of rough drafting)
I don't want advice. Maybe a little help with the tedious labor stuff. If anything, I'm looking for understanding or, in this case, even a "Hey, that's just Lex. He's crazy like that." Camraderie with those facing the same issues would be nice.

In long run, though, my personality just thinks "Get as much tedious short term stuff out of the way then move onto the important stuff." I read somewhere that small stuff can actually give building sense of accomplishment and feed self esteem, so the big stuff doesn't seem so intimidating.

Maybe it also creates a sense of security. Sometimes that security, however, comes at the cost of productivity. Or does that productivity go away when you're dealing with all the tedious crap that's built up into a big pile of chores? Nonetheless, I'm actually trying to pare down these lists of mine to only do things truly important to me or will cause difficulty if not done.

Do other writers and creative types deal with this type of issue? Do they get distracted by bunches of little tasks that just add to clutter of cognitive dissonance? Or do the successful ones have the ability to not care about all the clutter and just move forward with putting their creativity out there?

I'd love to hear from other independent creatives out there on this one.


Kat said...

I'm feeling ya on this one. I have found myself 6 hrs into my 8 hr day having been busy with the small stuff (emails, etc) that I haven't even started the main project that I need to write and it was needed a week ago. :( I have the overwhelming task list, with different people saying that their need is greater than the others, but each person has a different "greater need" and doesn't know or care that there are 14 others waiting to be edited and another 12 to be drafted/written. If you were here in AZ and didn't mind technical writing instead of creative writing, I'd say please apply for the job my boss has a requisition listed for in our company site. Srsly!

As for the gaming idea, I think it rocks.

The_Lex said...

If I were in AZ, I still might apply to that technical writing job, despite my creative bent. At least I'd be writing!