Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dream #13

The wife and I are traveling cross country on buses. Reaching some small town, we decide to strike out either for some adventure or see a friend before we have to make our next connection.

Flash forward to finishing what we would be doing and/or realizing that we need to rush or we'll miss the connection. We get lost or realize that we can't make it back in time going the route we know. The wife stops as many people as she can to try getting directions or a better route home. She gets some directions, then we head off following them.

It's snowing out. We emerge out of some woods where a bridge spans over a river or a lake with a big ravine between the bridge and the water. I remember that we were told not to fall into the water.

I start my way over the bridge and notice that the bridge isn't in the best condition, there's holes in it, etc. etc. On my way over, looking down, I notice two gorillas jump up from the water and land in it, standing up, then amble over to the side of the shore where the wife was. At a loss, I let myself fall through one of the holes then land down in the water near the other side of the shore.

I need to get back to the wife and help her against the gorillas. Running through the woods, a panther emerges some distance away from me and doesn't notice me. Right! The guy who gave us directions told us to watch out for the gorillas or panthers!

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