Thursday, May 29, 2008

Punkin' Donuts Terrified by Conservatives Blasting Rachel Ray

This blog doesn't really enter frivolous current event politics. I generally end up being the progressive in a political debate that often tries to defend conservatives, as group, and sometimes even ultra-conservative right-wing Christians as having just as much right to be involved in the political machine and most of them actually meaning well. Even considering all of the above, I just can't resist this one:

Rachel Ray's 'Terrorist' Ad Yanked

What the hell?!?!?!

Dunkin Donuts has pulled an ad featuring the Food Network star after concerns grew about a scarf she wears during the commercial, the pattern of which bears resemblance to a keffiyeh, the traditional headdress that Arab men wear. The scarf has enraged conservative Fox News pundit Michelle Malkin and some others.

Just how dumb has our ideological media become that Dunkin' Donuts takes down an ad with Rachel Ray in it because the scarf "bears resemblance" to a traditional Arab male headdress (please note that someone has decided to equate Arab culture with terrorism. . .a little prejudiced?)? Of all people, Rachel Ray. . .terrorism? Did she just stumble onto that career unwittingly, too?


Honestly, I wouldn't have let the ad reach the air waves because of that scarf. . .and not because it bares resemblance to anything. No, I wouldn't have let it hit the airwaves because it just looks ugly with the rest of her outfit.

But damn!

Please, commence scathing barbs toward the conservative media on this one now. I mean NOW!


R.A. Porter said...

Heh. I just followed over here from Alex Epstein's blog, because anyone who's a fan of Charlie Jade is clearly a person of taste and discrimination. Glad to see my definition remains intact.

To self-pimp for a second, you might enjoy this piece I wrote on the Ray "controversy".

The_Lex said...

Thank you, very much, R.A.

Coincidently, I found your review of Charlie Jade at the beginning of the week, while looking to see what kind of press is out there. Definitely amusing.

And welcome to the Lextopia. I hope you find it interesting and possibly useful, in some way. It's always nice to have another reader come by.