Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Orb Says. . .

Something that I don't know yet. The fiancee and I will see them on Monday at the Metro on Clark Street. Going to this concert will come as one of those interesting fortuitous events that may not have presented itself outside of the vacation.

I also have fun seeing bands that I like in cities where I don't currently live, even though it will all happen in my future neighborhood.


Pretty much the same type of stuff has been happening since I last wrote.

The fiancee and I just got back from eating at the Green Zebra, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant with a fish entree south of here. I don't know which neighborhood. Good food, good service.

I just made the mistake of having a couple glasses of wine and some tea. You probably don't want to hear the rest of that story.

Otherwise, though, I would say check it out if you want some good food and want a mellow adventure. Mellow works as the best adjective because the food tastes like food anyone would like and not like that distinctive taste that vegan food can have that scares omnivore/carnivore people away. Pooh on them.

Too bad I don't remember the dishes or really have the energy to provide a full review. Little too late right now, and I have to type up a resume then send it off to a couple ads on Craig's List. You won't hear much more of a description about the opportunities from me, though. Maybe once I get one of the positions.


The fiancee and I have come to appreciate the multitude of comedy clubs here in Chicago.

One of the first times we came, a friend of a friend bought us tickets to Second City, named after the fact that at one time, Chicago was the second largest city in the United States after New York City. Once again, I don't remember too many of the details from that night, but we had a pretty good time laughing a lot.

Apparently, Second City has two other venues, Second City College and something like Second City, etc. We haven't visited those clubs, but the fact that one organization has three comedy clubs says something about the city. . .maybe that it likes a good laugh.

We went to a comedy club last night called The Playground. Two comedy troupes put on 45 minute skits each. Once again, I find myself too tired to remember many details, but the fiancee and I enjoyed a lot of the skits, almost too my surprise.

My surprise comes partially from the smallness and intimacy of the venue. They had it set up like a theater with only three rows of movie seats. We sat in the third row, but I had the impression that the comedians stood and ran about right in our faces. The hosts also came up to talk with us a little in ways to let us know how the place worked and so forth.

In a way, the intimacy felt awkward, as if we acted as voyeurs, sitting in on this private performance that a small group had put on for their friends. They more than likely appreciated that we had come and paid the cover, I'm sure, but realizing those facts didn't necessarily push the feeling away. The comedy and unabashed showmanship of the comedians did.

While looking through the Chicago papers and wandering around the city, though, we've seen plenty of comedy venues. The name of one really sticks in my head: The Improv Kitchen. The description of it doesn't totally appeal to me, though. You eat a meal there, but instead of having a comedian servicing you with funniness on stage in front of you, you watch them on a small TV at your table.

Long story short, though, Chicago has plenty of comedy for those who want it.


The fiancee and I have felt completely fascinated by the Bring Your Own Beverage custom that Chicago seems to have. At least most of the establishments in our future neighborhood do it. We haven't taken advantage of it, but we look forward to doing it.

Last night at The Playground, we just saw people pulling out cans of beer or popping them open while wandering around this theater. I don't know how to accurately describe my fascination with seeing it, but the fiancee and I look forward to picking up some drinks then heading on over to the comedy club for some good laughs and drinks. . .especially after living in the Puritan city of Boston for so long.

Chicago is sooooooooooooooooo different.

I need to head on over to typing and posting that resume, though.

More will get written later. Don't worry. . ..


June said...

BYOBs are GREAT! We have a lot of them in this area, too. You'll LOVE it!

Shaw Israel Izikson said...

yea - but have you decided between the cubs or the white sox yet?

The_Lex said...

Well, Wrigley Field is only a couple blocks down the road. . ..