Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Everyone Else is Blogging About the WGA Strike

Other bloggers are either ranting about how much they think the WGA writers are acting like spoiled brats or are posting support and news about the strikes going on. I'm on the side of the latter, but I don't want to post any news, arguments or whatever about the strike itself.

You can find that type of stuff easily elsewhere, like at Dead Things on Sticks, Uninflected Images Juxtaposed or Complications Ensue. There's probably plenty of of American blogs and websites focusing on the WGA strikes, too. How lame is it that I get my TV news from Canadian blogs?

Me? I'm kind of sick of taking part in the incestual blogging, as in posting links and providing my own angle on something. Maybe it's more of a matter that I'm really just kind of burnt out on my real life activities that I don't have the time to do the usual blog thing and try to get as many hits as possible.

Right now, I want to be the primary source of news if I post anything newsworthy here.

Something more unique that stands out from the herd would probably do a better job at getting The Lextopia out there better. In many ways, it's unfortunate that main interests and activities lately have such an esoteric edge to them and that I'm not famous and cool, so people take an interest in what I say just because of who I am.

Someday I'm hoping that happens. I'm OK if it happens after I die. Frankly, that idea always struck me as a Romantic idea that I could accomplish. I wanted fulfill that goal ever since I read but couldn't understand Henry David Thoreau's Cape Cod. I still treasure that feeling and Thoreau, even though I now would get sickened by Thoreau's and Ralph Waldo Emerson's ultra-individualism.

Blogging really can really harken back to Romanticism, in a way. Romanticism is supposedly where the idea of "expression as art" came about, even for the unskilled artist. The individual perspective came to the fore through Romanticism. Stereotypical blogging generally has that level of individual Romantic egotistical expressionist "art."

But I've been going on and on on a tangent there.

The "unique" viewpoint I wanted to bring up is something that a radio DJ on Q101's The Morning Fix had to say. Pretty much, he looked forward to when the scripts would run out, and the networks had reruns to show. Then he could get onto doing some of the others that he meant to do.

I totally agree with that guy. I'm just enjoying way too many TV shows lately, and the TiVo hasn't been helping with manging my time when it comes to putting TV in my schedule. In all, the wife and I have committed to about 13 or 14 hours of TV: How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Journeyman, Reaper, Bones, Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Blood Ties, The Soup, Best Week Ever, The Legion of Superheroes, The Batman and Torchwood. And that's not including shows that I haven't committed to or out of season shows (or shows that other people have provided great acclaim but I haven't seen yet). . ..

No wonder the writers have gone on strike. Yeah, sure, they have a valid purpose with the need for electronic residuals. But when was the last time they've had this much pretty good TV? Not only do the writers have a just, virtuous and righteous reason for striking, they also have the demand of the audience and the TV stations' profit margin as leverage.

At the same time, though, this audience member does kind of look forward to a break from all this TV watching!

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